Suitable and goal-oriented

The systemic approach is appropriate for all vital areas of personality, team and organization development. Because the term „system“ refers to the respective focus, your specific needs are at the centre of interest.

Literally, that means that our point is to get a general idea of your situation’s current status. Hypotheses on cause and effect lead to explanations of the interrelations. Thus, new insights allow for the individual as well as for the team to develop concrete actions, which in turn lead to an improvement of your overall situation.

Our topics

Personality development

  • Do I want to appear as I currently do?
  • How am I perceived in my (working) environment?
  • What can I work on in order to improve convincingly the impact I make?
  • How do I present myself and my beliefs convincingly?
  • How do I convince as a manager?
  • How can I find my own credible management style?

Are you asking yourself this kind of questions? We can help you to work deliberately on the further development of your personality. In order to achieve this we offer you specific methods and techniques as well as the opportunity of active examination of your personal characteristics. We will support you along your way and show you how you can strengthen your personal skills and resort to them instantly if needed.

Team development

To build a group out of individuals who see themselves as working in a team which pursues commonly defined goals is a challenging chairing task.

Keeping that team working efficiently and developing it further is equally challenging but unfortunately often underrated. Needing time for such a project but not having enough of it is a real dilemma. We show you ways and means of how to equip your team with the right impulses in order to develop it further effectively and efficiently – regardless of its circumstances. This directly donated time will have positive effects in various aspects.

Personnel development

In cooperation with managing - and HR - departments we develop offers of how to make grow personal skills of potential and operating managers, who eventually are prepared for future requirements. They are also supported to make deliberate decisions for or against a certain matter of question in order to be able to take over responsible tasks in the future.

Our clients particularly appreciate and benefit from our external perspective as well as of our ability to absorb the peculiarities of a certain client situation and, moreover, of our wide range of educational and systemic methods.

Organization development

Departing from the conception that the operating term „organization“ is mainly influenced by the term „organ”, we assume that the development of such a system follows an „organic” way. More precisely, we believe that organization development follows natural principles.

For example, the rule „no development without impulse” means ideally that the right dose of impulse at the right moment and at the right place will trigger the right development. So in cooperation with you we develop stimulating impulses which effectively optimize your organization organically. Essential components of this aim are:

  • Identifying skills
  • Disarming delicate intersections
  • Assuring communication of high quality
  • Realizing actual commitment
  • Applying capabilities sensibly

Change management

Changing a situation inevitably means deliberately disbanding a previous situation and deliberately facing a new situation.

Both perspectives are necessary in order to make change actually happen. At the beginning and at the end of a change process we can rely on a state of stability, but in between we often have to deal with grief, uncertainty and restlessness. So we need courage, confidence and endurance in order to cope with this part of the change process.

Together we work out the sharpness to see how useful and how feasible your idea of change actually is. We help you to realize in which stage of the change process you are at the moment and how much time your system will need in order to manage the given impulses and how you can get through this phase of uncertainty and pain without being exposed to too much damage.

Make up your minds that happiness depends on being free, and freedom depends on being courageous. (Pericles)

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