What is our vision?

Systemic working is based on the assumption that the current situation of a being or an organization is located at the interface of different systems of which each has an impact. As far as human beings are concerned, these systems may include:

  • family
  • society
  • friends
  • school
  • work
  • company
  • department
  • etc

Getting to know these spheres of influence and their effects helps to understand why a situation has become as it is and, moreover, to make a deliberate decision about how to proceed.

The premises of successful supervision or coaching are that the individuals concerned are willing to be involved. That is why it is particularly important to define the scope of a project with the respective clients beforehand.

Our credo – what can we do for you?

The principle of working systemically is based on a maximum degree of respect towards the persons involved.

A pretty description of systemic working is the picture of a mobile with its numerous elements which make up a „system”. Even if only one element changes, it will affect all the others. Naturally, the element’s impact will be larger or smaller, depending on its location and its connection. Influences from outside are immediately observed as well. As a result, even a very well balanced entity can encounter strong vibration by one single blast. If elements are removed or added, it will take a while for the mobile’s system to find back its balance.

Understanding one’s own system and its structures and the effects of history and change brings about the ability to act. Needs and necessities become more distinct and easier to understand and decisions which lead to positive action become clearer and more profound.

Ensuring the ability to act enables us to shape the future.

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